Fakarava at a mooring . Saturday

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 17 Jun 2018 05:12
Position: 16:03.35 S 145:37.16 W
The alarm was set at 4:30 am this morning, and 5:30 we left the mooring at the Tearavero in Kauehi and motor sailed to reach the slack water in the pass. We knew we were a little late and we got 3 knots of outgoing current, but with the wind behind us we had no problems. We sailed over to Fakarava in 20 - 25 knots of wind in a broad reach. We had to reef a lot to get the timing right for the north pass at Fakarava. We were not quite sure what time there would be slack, so we chose to arrive half an hour after the estimated time, to be sure to have in flowing current, which we had, and again no problems. The north pass is almost a nautical mile wide, but the atoll is also very big, about 20 nm by 40 nm.
We motored from the pass to the village and were extremely lucky to find a mooring, and here we are. More tomorrow.

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