A good Sunday walk

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 6 Feb 2017 18:35
Today we chose to walk all the way to Fuerto San Lorenzo. 9 km each way. About 5 hours in total. Even with some Sunday car traffic, we experienced wildlife. A sloth (dovendyr) rested 3 – 4 meters above our heads. And it is really a slow animal. When we returned 3 hours later, it was in the same tree, just had turned to a different (more comfortable?) position. No wander it takes 30 days to digest its food. We also saw – and heard – howling monkeys (brøleaper), coyotes (prerieulver) and agoutes (or agoutis – I do not know any Norwegian name) and two different kind of vultures.
Well, I did not finish this post yesterday, so today is now Monday, and we have been to 4 Altos in Colon for provisioning. So now we are stocked up. The marina offers a free shuttle, leaves at 8 am, and returns at 11.30 am. Quite full bus. The ferry was not operating, so we had to cross the locks at Gatun, seeing the ships enter end leave the canal. The towers on the new bridge has grown higher.
There is a promise for a two day weather window Wednesday and Thursday – just what we need to get to San Blas. The weather is not really bad, but 25 knots straight on the nose is not somthing you choose if you don’t have to. The promise is for 10 knots – we shall see.
Maybe some pictures will follow later today.