18:18.32N 65:17.87W Culebra - Puerto Rco

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 25 Mar 2014 22:52
So, now we are legally into US waters, with a cruising permit for one year and "everything". We came from St. Thomas, also US, and here, in Culebra, we had to make a full new report to customs, first on phone, for more than 15 minutes, then show up on customs office at the airport, Nice people, but it took half an hour. And once again everything was put by one finger into the computer. Haven't these people a common computer system? But ok, they seemed pretty laid back, and that appealed to us.
We are at anchor here in Ensensda Honda. We had a wanderful, lazy sailing from Charlotte Amalie. We had some problem with the mainsail that desturbed the beauty of the moment, but when that was sorted out, it was nothing but fantastic, or "perfecto" as we learnt to say in Argetina.
Now Eva is cooking fish soup, and we have visited the local bar for sailors, "Dingy dock bar and restaurant". Life is good.

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