San Francisco

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 24 Feb 2018 17:52
Seven hours by plane and I landed in SF. The drop in temperature was from 30 centigrades to 8. It was after midnight when I reached the hotel, so I had to wake Eva. She was fast asleep, suffering from a jetlag of 9 hours. Even so we were excited to see each other after 4 weeks.
Here in San Francisco we have spent time meeting Maria, Robert and Matilde. Besides doing what tourists do, walk on the Golden gate bridge, riding buses all over town, walk the parks and eat at Fishermans Wharf and taking advantage of the good wi-fi that you find all over town. The hotel is not upper class, but who cares. Just one bad thing, the door in the room where we have breakfast is allways open to the street. In the morning, when the temperature outside is about 5 degrees, I even put on my new wool cap, bought in the warming hut on our way to Golden Gate Bridge.

Tomorrow we enter Copa airlines and on Monday we are in Shelter Bay. Work on the boat for a week, and then we shall transit the money machine of Panama, the canal.
The new locks that can accomodate larger ships are used by seven ships per day, I was told. That gives a revenue of 2 million dollars per day, I was also told. And the old ones that all the time operates in parallel, I do not know. No wander that the Canal company can build new bridges. The one on the east coast shall be finished in December this year, so we shall probably never go by car over it. Because when we leave Shelter Bay this time, it is very unlikely that we shall ever return. Our outlook is for the future, and that lies further west for the next months. The canal, Islas Perlas, Islas Galapagos, Iles Marqueses, Tuamotus, Society islands, Cooks and Tonga, and probably New Zealand.