Still in Ballen at Samsø - Denmark

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 3 Aug 2009 12:06
We have already stayed two nights in Ballen. This is a charming place, and
the weather is gray, somewhat rainy and cold for the season... We are 9 days
and a little more than 200 nm from home. Again the shorter distances looks
longer, because we are daysailing. We next thought about going to Anholt,
but maybe we shall rethink it. Our friendly German nabour says it is more
crowded than anywhere else. They think Anholt is for the sailors what Mekka
is to the muslims. Once in the liftime you have to go there. So maybe we
shall pass the island and go directly to Sweden. But that requieres night
sailing, and for the time we are fed up with cold nights in the cockpit. It
was so different the time when we could wear just light clothes at night and
lie on our back in the cockpit and watch the stars...

But we look forward to the Swedish West Coast. We always loved it - even if
it is very crowded. And from our U-grib files it seams there is a
possibility a high is coming in, and maybe summer weather...