29:18.0N 48:50.0W - Tatt av vinden 1200 UTC 180509

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 18 May 2009 13:35
Position: 28:18.0N 48:50.0W - Tatt av vinden 1200 UTC 180509
COG/SOG/Motor: 56/ 4,5/ 0 h last 24 hours
Wind last two hours: 13 - 20 kn 200 grader.
Squalls/max wind: No squalls last two hours. Max wind 20 kn.
Pressure: 1014 mb.
Clouds: Some cumulus, higher: some higher clouds, almost like cirrus (?)
comming i from WSW.
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: Lots of thunderstorms last night. No wind more
than 28 kn. Some heavy showers.
Waveheight: 2m from S
GC distance to Horta: 1145 nm. GC course to Horta: 56 degrees
Sailed last 24 hours: 127 nm
Life on board: Still good. Sailing conditions are good except in squalls.
Broad reach. Still sailing with "Yr" She is 1,5 nM behind us. We hear
"Ruffen" talking on vhf, but we have not bee able to make contact. They
obviously don't hear us.
Ellers: Krafig skypumpe observert i nærheten i går, kanskje omkring 1600
UTC. Den tok heldigvis en annen vei før den forsvant.