Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 14 Oct 2018 04:15
Position: 21:07.51 S 175:09.77 W

We arrived here Friday. We had a fairly nice sailing from Vavau to here. We talked to the port control when we arrived, who contacted costums, and we were asked to come alongside the warf. The weather was settled and the port control promised to clear the dock for us. We tied up, but after an hour no costums officials had arrived, and we let a taxi driver take us to the costums office, not far, but he showed us the way. The check in was very smooth. No papers to fill in, we just handed over the clearence from Neiafu showed our passports. For the comming checkout we need not bring the boat.
Now we are anchored outside Big Mama Yacht Club. The holding is reported to be good here, and the winds are picking up, so it’s better be. There are many sailboats here. The majority seems to be headed for New Zealand. The big question is when will we have a feasable weather window. Maybe Wednesday?
Eva is not well, and she will fly to New Zealand. She will meet is there. Besides Mia, I shall have David, a Frenchman as crew. The sailing to Whangarei will probably take 8, maybe 10 days, and it maybe challenging, but we shall cope. The first boat left for New Zealand today. They called it the pefect weather window... Maybe they are right, but they will have some fresh first few days.
Big Mama is a nice place. On Sundays people come from the town out here. There is a ferry service to bring them here and back - and us the other way round.
Stay tuned. When we sail, we shall post a short report every day.