47:54N 9:00W ETA Cherbourg late Thursday or early Friday

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 7 Jul 2009 12:42
We have decided for Cherbourg. The winds are favourable all the way.
According to Mads, the meterologist in FriVind. We shall be there late
Thursday or early Friday.

To Noah came the dowe when he closed in on land. To us came the trawler. At
least that is what we think. A green and a white navigation light coming
through the dark. Plotting on the radar confirms collision course for a lang
time. In due time I call on the vhf. No answer. But shortly after they
changed course and passed behind us. It might not have been a fishing boat,
because there were no navigation lights indicating fishing or trawling. But
the behaviour seemed familiar.

This morning a freighter came. It is only the sixth ship we see since Horta.
This time it was full day light and AIS information at hand. Precise
collision course. 18 + 6 knots relative speed. That is less than two and a
half minute per nm. I called him 2 nm off, and told him thst I just wanted
to make sure he had seen us. (That's my polite phrase for telling them that
they are not keeping proper watch.) From his voice I guess that I woke him
up. He confirmed that he saw us and told that he would turn to port, which
he immedeately did. Actually no problem as long as they listen. But what if
both of us had taken a littla nap...

Nothing is new - except that the weather has improved...

COG/SOG/Motor: 70/ 5,5/ 0 h last 24 hours.
Wind last two hours: 14 - 18 kn 280 degrees
Squalls/max wind: 32 kn in squalls. None hit us the last two hours.
Pressure: 1016 mb.
Clouds: Mainly overcast. Nimbostratus or stratus.
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: Partly overcast/ overcast, some showers. Wind
around 280, most of the time 18 - 24 kn. Max 32 knots this morning.
Waveheight: From WNW, 1,5 - 2,0m. Swell: None
GC distance to Camaret: Cherbourgh: 313 nm). Rute-avstand: 316 nm
Sailed (logg)/ motorsailed/ motored last 24 hours: 148 nM Distance to
Cherbourg shortened by 127