Rodney Bay - The day before Christmas eve

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 24 Dec 2013 00:49
We have put up some X-mas things in the Cockpit and in the saloon, some stars and two small blinking X-mas trees in glass (or plastic actually). The small trees have a blinking light that comes out in three different colors. Style? Not to Norwegian standards, but it is Creole – at least to us. When the temperature is 27 C in the afternoon, and you just wear shorts and t-shirt, it is difficult to take the X-mas seriously for us who think the ultimate X-mas is the white one, by the fire place, with the “pinnekjøtt”, the aquavita and everything else that is part of it. But we shall spend the evening with an Amercan couple who just have completed their 4 year circumnavigation with their “Aspen”, which will be interesting, and we are going to play Mahalia Jackson singing “Silent night” and we shall have some Christmas feelings I am sure! (The X-mas bath will be in the ocean, in front of the “Spinaker bar”.)
Christmas Day we shall start working on the boat. That will occupy us most of the week. A mechanic will repare the transmission. Spareparts under way. And I shall install a new chart plotter and a new radar, as soon as the parts arrive here. There are not many openings in the calendar now, but we cross fingers, and hope for Friday. And there are all the small things to fix. But that is no hassel. It is just good to work on the boat between the showers.
We hope to be able to leave for Martinique before New Year, but the most realistic estimate is departure a couple of days into January.
(We shall try to put some new pictures in the web site the nexr few days.)
Merry Christmas to all our friends and all who follow us!