22:38.00N 62:46.30W 1200 UTC - Day 3

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 10 May 2009 13:19
Position: 22:38.00N 62:46.30W 1200 UTC 100509
COG/SOG/Motor: 25 0.0 6
Wind last two hours: 18 kn E (110 degrees) (16-20kn)
Squalls/max wind: None last two hours.
Pressure:1019 mb (It was down to 1017 four hours ago.)
Clouds: Mostly clear sky, several cumulus, higher: so.me altocumulus
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: A few showers, but only in the morning (LT), No
strong winds, max 25 kn. Interfering wave systems make it unpleasant in in
the morning. Yesterday was far better. Waveheight 1,5 m. W setting current
ca 1 kn.
GC distance to Horta: 1990 nm.
Life on board: Ok. No seasickness. Eva had some the first day.