Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 5 Apr 2009 00:24
It is often said that all the Islands - the Lesser Antilles - are different.
Barbuda is very different! We anchored just south of Low Bay. The beach
streches out for 10 km. There is nowhere to land the dinghy - except on the
beach. This can be a little hazardous because of the swell. Luckily we have
had pretty calm conditions, so we managed, even if we came in sideways.

Ofcourse we have been to see the frigate bird colony. The biggest in the
world. The frigate birds live close together. They go out for food in the
morning. They haras seagulls and other birds to let go of their pray, then
catch the pray in the air. The bird cannot swimm. It has happened more than
once that unlucky species that have been unvoluntarily submerged, have been
rescued by two friends, each taking one wing and lifted the unlucky one.

The island is very flat, not higher than 35 m. 1500 people live here. It is
said that they oppose new projects that could make them richer. One hotel on
the beach was open, but seemed to have no guests. But when we walked around
in Cordington, it was not possible to get the impression of a thriveing
society. We have seen poor villages in other islands, but it always looked
like people thrived much more these other places.

But our guide was smiling, and seemed a happy man.

On the beach we found a restaurant, open for a group of six. Luckily they
had some lobsters extra, so we had a very good and expensive lunch. But now
we are leaving the EC area, and as EC$ is not a convertible valuta, we had
to get rid of our last cash. It was not quite enough for the lobster, but we
got a small discount! We met a nice American couple at the restaurant. They
gave us som valuable piecees of advise concerning the next island we shall
go to.

The afternoon we spent on the beach, feeling we had the beach alomost alone,
at least a couple of kilometers.

Tomorrow we plan to start at 0600 am.
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