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Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 17 Dec 2014 11:30
After two nights at sea, we are more used to it, and we definitely sleep better at night. Eva will soon have slept more than eight hours this last night. Bjørn shall need another two hours after breakfast.
Still excellent conditions. Around 20 knots of wind now, and we are sailing without the motor! The weather prognosis promises 25 knots next night, ten less in the morning. When it says 25 knits, it may easily be 30 knots during the night. There is a counter current of more than one knot, but for a short period - some hours - it should be ok.
At the moment the ship time is 0713, but Colombian time is one hour less, so today we shall change the ship's time and have a longer day.
During the night watches Eva reads and listen to music to keep awake and to pass the time. Bjørn reads a little, writes and reads e-mails.
Normally we get hungry during the night watch. Then it is very good to have some leftovers from the supper. We have three meals during the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper. Eva cooked a lot of chicken before we left Curacao, so for lunch it is chicken. For dinner we have had fish soup and (Bjørn) beans and sausages. Tonight it will be chicken for dinner I think. Except for the night snacks, we have all meals together, and during the day we spend most of it in the cockpit talking and reading.
The navigation is fairly easy, following the GPS. There is not much shipping traffic, so the lookout is not very intensive either, just scanning the horizon every 5 or 10 minutes and checking the AIS signals for shipping movements. During the night also the radar.
Best wishes from the sea to all our followers!

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