Queenstown 45 degrees south.

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 1 Apr 2019 05:15
We arrived here yesterday in the nicest weather. We walked in the nice town park with just a t-shirt on. We were impressed by the huge trees in the park. See the blog fromyesterday. While Wanaka was a more relaxed town, Queenstown is more hectic, at least Sunday afternoon and evening. Some say that we Norwegians will feel at home here in the Sotbern Island, because it will be a little like Norway. It maybe so out on the west coast, but where we are now, it is more like the Alpes. This we also have felt in our legs, because all the tracks we have followed have been steep. 550 m up, 450 m up, 400 m up, and not very many km forward. Here in Queenstown even the short walk from the town centre to the hotel has some meters up the steep road.
Last night saw rainfall, and this morning the temeprature must have been below 10 C. And heavy wind from the mountains. Quite a chnge. So today it had to be fleece and wind jacket. But the rain had stopped, so we had a nice hike before lunch.
We like it here. As all the places we have been in NZ, the people are very friendly, and the food is good, and the atmosfere is warm.
Tomorrow we shall fly back to Auckland, and on Thursday the ship on which we shall load Tatt av vinden, will arrive in Auckland. Loading shortly after that.