Niue - one of the smallest countries in the world - Tatt av vinden - day 8 - 13:30 Niue time - UTC -11 - ECT-13.

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 23 Sep 2018 01:50
Position: 19:03.22 S 169:55.45 W
Sailed last 24 h + 30 min: 136 nm
Winds: 10 – 18 knots
Warm climate.
Seastate: some small vind waves < half a meter. Much better than anticipated, even if there is some movement.
We picked up mooring no 1 in the second try. Good team work.
Here is one other boat, German Julo.
We have not been ashore so far, but we have hoisted the curtesy flag of Niue and the yellow Q. And had a well deserved (small) glass of white wine. The girls are in the water, and I am gonna follow.
We have to get the dighy ready, but probably we shall not go ashore until tomorrow.
And we shall have a delayed lunch, combined with dinner, and later a good nights sleep without having to wake up for the watches.
Tomorrow: Exploring.