18:25.0N 64:36.9W Road harbour - Tortola - BVI

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 10 Apr 2009 20:43
We have just checked into BVI. BVI may be charming, but the costoms cay was
not a charming one! The paperwork took some tome, but it is done, even if it
is good Friday!

We are happy to be here. We'll stay in Road Harbour till tomorrow. Because
it is already late in the afternoon. But tomorrow we shall go to one of the
We are on our way to Tortola, BVI. We have been sailing the night. The
distance from Marigot bay, St. Martin beeing 92 nM.

The day we arrived in St. Martin, we celebrated Eva birthday, just the two
of us in a nice restaurant.

In St. Martin we met "Yppi", "Kajsa" and "Alumni de la mere". Besides we
talked to "Aurelia" who stayed in Simpson bay on the Dutch side. Because St.
Martin is divided in a French and a Dutch side. The smallest island in the
world that is divided between two nations.

We jumped on a bus and went to Phillipsburg, the major city, on the Dutch
side. Like many others we took advantage of the low prices on electronics.

As it has been the case with the other islands, we also liked St. Martin. To
us it was a different experience, because the main entertainment was
shopping in Phillipsburg. No hiking this time. (But we had our little
morning jog of course.)

Now that we approach the BVI, we listen to ch 73 in addition to ch 16. All
Norwegian boats here use ch 73 for making contacts. And we have heared two
Norwegians allready.

This is good Friday, and we hope costoums are open for clearing in...