Days pass quickly

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 15 Nov 2008 09:01
Today is November 15. Just 8 days left here in Las Palmas. Next Sunday we
shall be out to the sea again, and this time it will be "for real". We
estimate 19 days to St Lucia, but it might as well be 21 or 23 days.

We are prepareing the boat. We have upgraded the power supply with two solar
panels, 85 W each. We passed the saftey cheque, only with quite minor
remarks. Jerry The Rigger has chequed our rig and found it in exelent
condition. Diesel tank is full, and we carry 150 l on deck. Hopefully the
Raymarine people will be able to get the right spareparts for the radar in
time. Still we have lots of jobs to do, and even if Eva has done a great job
of prepareing the provisioning, we still have to buy and order and get it
all on board and stowed away in its right places. We are just two people, we
wander how they cope they who are 6 - 8 people on an equal sized boat.

We are attening lots of seminars. Thursday was allmost a full school day.
Provisioning, emergency management, weather and route, double handed
seminar. Today SSB.

Last night we went to a welcome party held by the tourist authorities of
Gran Canaria. There were some great dancers. Very good to have some cultural
entertainment also.

Life on the pontoon is very good. We get to know so many nice people. We are
on sort of a "family pontoon", which is very good. Lots of children running
around, some of them calling each other on vhf. Channel 72 is dedicated
"childrens channel" here in the marina. Five Norwegian boats are on the same
pontoon! And here are Dutch, Germans, Fins, Amaricans. And all speak
English. That is very different from the time in Tunisa where almost nobody
spoke English, only French. But it seams that the Norwegians are the those
who often bring the kids.

We have stayed almost four weeks here in Las Palmas now. Even if we have a
good time, we think it will be enough when we get to next Sunday.

We still have no good internet connection here, but we shall do our best to
update this website before we leave, put in some new pictures and videos.