Tonga - NZ - day 2, 1300 local time (UTC+13) - Tatt av vinden

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 19 Oct 2018 00:20
Position: 22:50 S 176:45 W 
We have changed the course to 218 true. We have been adviced to do so to get west of 178:30 before tomorrow evening or midnight. That is to avoid a large swell. From there we shall set a direct course for Whangarei. We also have corrected the route. And all the way from here into Marsden Cove Marina where we are to check in, we have 894 nm to sail. Our ETA is Friday 26th, but we still have a long way to go.
We are into the period with high winds, 20 – 25 knots on the beam, and it will possibly last for the next 30 – 36 hours. Then the winds will ease, and we should have a couple of days with more comfortable sailing before we start the engine for maybe the rest of the voyage. And probably some light headwinds next Friday.
The sun shines, but we are also prepared for some predicted gusty showers.
We all slept well between the watches last night. I am not sure that will be the case next night.
All  in all we are doing well so far. Lunch is comming up in half an hour, and I shall have some of the bread that Eva baked before we left. David also likes her bread. And he loves to eat a lot of pasta. And he does. Even so he is very lean. Both Mia and Dvid are good crew. Even so the captain is busy most of the time. Ajusting the sails, working on the computer or on the radio – when not sleeping in the bunk.
Eva has a good time in Auckland she tells me in emails. It is very good that we can communicate this way. Probably she will move from Auckland to Whangarei in a couple of days. One good thing is that she reports that eating out in NZ is nuch cheaper than back home. I long to get there. Could be 162 hours from now?