Tatt av vinden-course for Kauehi-Tuesday - 1200 Tahiti time (UTC-10) Day 3

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 29 May 2018 22:40
Position: 13:34.9 S 141:53.6 W
Good conditions, light winds, still reefed to come to the pass of Kauehi just before slack water. 5,5 knots will do it.
Yesterday we saw an enormous lot of dolphins, and they seemed to be the biggest we have seen on our voyages. It is always nice when they swim and play around the boat.
The temperature inside the boat reached 35.4 C today when we run the engine for charging and baked bread at the same time. But generally the temperature is pleasant.
We look forward to Tuamotus, so different from Marquesas. Marquesas are volcanic, dramatic, high mountain islands, no fringing reefs, and all the anchorages are as a result quite rolly. The swell is ever present. But hiking was great, and the anchorages are beautiful, and people are great.
Tuamotus are as different as they possibly can be. There are no mountains, only coral reefs, forming a lagoon, and small islands, called motus, distributed around the lagoon on the reefs. Once they were like Marquesas, but the volcanic formations are log gone. That mans that Tuamotus are much older, in the geological sense than the Marquesas.
Normally the swell does not enter into the lagoons, and swimming and snorkeling and better sleep at night will hopefully be the result. We got an e-mail from friends who are already in the atolls. They wrote: Fantastic beauty, now we understand why we go sailing in the Pacific.
"Stay tuned", we shall give reports.

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