9:35.91N 79:26.36W Green Turtle marina

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 18 Feb 2017 22:33
We are on our way back to Shelter Bay. And on the way we have gone to Green Turtle Bay. The marina is almost empty. The access is trough a very narrow canal (must be man made). We almost gave up because it was very hard to see it. Here is a little restaurant, which we shall try for dinner, a beach and a hotel (at least there is a sign that says so). We pay $15 for a night, and here is even washing machines, and I think you may buy diesel.
We had to motor sail most of the way here, because of very little wind. For just a short period we were able to let the engine rest, and that was very lucky, because suddenly we heard a knocking in the hull, and then a log came out from the stern. It was not very big, but had the propeller been rotating, I do not even dare think of the consequences. As it was, nothing bad happened.
After that we were much more alert of course, and that paid, because there was a lot of debris in the water, and we saw more logs and planks, and we had to make several dodging maneuvers. One pretty big log was easy to spot, because a big bird was sitting on it. Just to warn us I guess. Very kind of the bird!
After about an hour the water again became more clean, and we relaxed a little.
Now coffee in the cockpit, then a shower, then sundowner and dinner at the restaurant.
I think Eva will tell you more tomorrow.

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