East Hollandes Cays

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 11 Feb 2017 18:27
The wind has come down a little. Tomorrow it will be just pleasant. Today, before lunch we took the dinghy over to Tiadup (One of the closest small palm island). Four Guhna indian families live there. They do not live there permanently, but stay there for four months in the wintertime (the dry season). The rest of the year they stay in their "pueblo" on the mainland. Much of the northern coast of Panama is Guhna country.
We managed to have a small conversation in Spanish, and we bought some molas. They are nice, but it is also to support the natives living here. Tomorrow they will bring us some fish or lobster. (We asked for big lobsters. So hopefully they leave the small ones in the sea.)
We have bought a new genoa this year, and thus we have an old one which we want to get rid of. We asked the man in the Guhna family if they wanted our old sail, and he confirmed, so tomorrow we shall take it over in the dinghy. (The dinghy, our 9 feet Caribe RIB has been marked as T/T (tender to) "Tatt av vinden", just like they do on the superyachts. (He, he.)
The sun is shining. We enjoy life. Hasta la proxima ves!

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