33:30.145N 11:36.461W Two days out from Lagos

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 2 Sep 2013 12:30
We made 143 nm last 24 hours. This means that we are 13 nm ahead of schedule, or actually a little more because of a choice of course closer to the GC than planned. If we for the rest of the trip make better than 5,7 knots in avarage, we shall be in Las Palmas the day before we planned for. But the weatherforcast says less wind tomorrow, so we still hold Thursday to be the ETA. The wind picked up around two aclock last night, and have since been around 20 – 24 knots most of the time.
Ellen felt a little seasic yesterday, but she woke up this morning fresh and lively and as soon as the captain got out of bed, asked for breakfast. Both she and Knut had slept well, and the captain, who sleeps in the saloon, also felt ready for another day at sea.
At the moment we are playing music and really enjoying the cockpit life. Happy ship. Some few dolphins have wisited us, but they were not in mood for plaing, and they left as soon as they showed up.