Tramping in the Mt Cook area

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 28 Mar 2019 06:58
Today we woke up to a grey and pretty cold morning. After coffee and breakfast we got into the car and drove the 65 km to Mt Cook Village, and miracle, the sun broke out and the temperature came up. After some advice at the information desk, we started our way up to a view point. We were told there would be stairs most of the way, and it was. 2000 of them, 550 m up, 2,3 km forward. Up, up, up. Halfway a young couple came jogging pased us. Then, despite what my friend, Stein, tryes to learn us, I had to admit that age takes its toll after all. But at the view point, after one hour and twenty minutes, Eva, who is mote observant than I, noted that several younger people whom we had passed, arrived several minutes after us. Small victory - yes indeed.
Today this part of the South Island again showed its best side. After 11 am there has not been a single cloud in the sky.
On our way back to Twizel, we stopped to have a cappuccino. There was a helicoptre base there. They sold 20 min tours for NZ 270, per person. Eva was tempted, but after some thinking, we saved that money. We finished of with a glass of white wine outside the cottage in Twizel instead, and the pain in the thies was all forgotten.