Kauehi - southern anchorage

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 11 Jun 2018 16:57
This morning we wake up to rain, gray skies as far as we can see and some fog. Yes it can be like this also. We are still in Kauehi. We first planned to move to Fakarava today, but southerly winds are forecasted, and that is far from ideal for the anchorage over there, so we wait a couple of days and see.
Here in the southern anchorage we have had wonderful days, snorkeling and beach combing. In the eastern anchorage we met Laurel and Leo on "Summer", a couple from San Francisco, around 40 of age. We spent some good time together. Leo appeared to be a rigger, and friendly as he is, he gave us a lot of help, not just advices.
When we moved to the southern anchorage, "Summer" did the same, and we had two nice days and did some excellent snorkeling on some big bummies (coral heads). We saw a lot of fish, most of them we did not know, but Leo told us that some of them were groupers. And we saw one small shark and a bigger one passed our boat when we watched from the cockpit.
We also walked on the small motus (islands on the reef), and Leo, who also climbed the coconut palms, gave us a coconut.
The days we have spent here are the kind of days we will be missing when we one time in the future stop sailing.
It is still raining this morning. We are not used to this kind of weather... (Back home, yes, but not here.)

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