Nuku Hiva

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 19 May 2018 02:28
Our crossing from Fatu Hiva to Nuku Hiva, Saturday to Sunday was a rolly one, but besides from that, no problems. The 127 nm took us 26 hours. We could have done it faster, because most of the way we had more than enough wind. 18 – 22 knots. Only behind Tahuana and Hiva Oa did the wind die away for a short while, and we run the engine. But we tried to make it as comfortable as possible, and used only the genoa for the entire trip.
In Nuku Hiva we we arae anchored in Taihuae. When we arrived, the bay prednted us with almost flat water. Today pretty heavy swell rolls in. When it breaks on the shore further in, and there is high water, the waves are reflected, at it can make us feel we are no better of then on the crossing. But most of the time it has been ok, and we do not have to do night watches of coarse.
Here we have met with C’est si bon, Kea, Jovial and the Swedish boat, Rubicon. Yesterday we all celebrated 17th of May on a good restaurant. The best part was when the four children in Kea ans C’est si bon performed a well correografed versin of “Enig og tro til Dovre faller” – known from the Norwegian Broadcasting TV.
Today Eva, Anne Sofie and I made a hiking tour over to Colette Bay.
Internett is not very well here, but we have managed to publish new pictures. One of the pages does not work properly, but that shall be corrected the next time the pc is brought to the shore. Fruit and vegetables market is open every working day, and the supplies are good. The only thing that we have problems finding is eggs, even with a lot of hens on the island. here are some small supermarkets here, and going to them all, we are able to gent all we need.
We checked in with the gendarmerie on Monday, very easy and efficient – well a lot of schemes had to be filled out.
Tomorrow we have booked a horse riding tour. I am shure Eva will report on that afterwords! Niether Eva nor I have sat on a horseback before.