Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 3 Jul 2013 09:47
We are still at Anholt. Too much wind straight on the nose to procede. Tomorrow will be better.
In the meantime we try to sort out data issues... (Eva is out running at the moment.)
And we explore the island. One of my collegues said he regarded Anholt the best place in Denmark. He is Danish. He may be right, from the sailors point of view.
There are 150 inhabitants on the island. And in the marina it is just as many boats. So the sailors are the majority on the island at the moment. And among the sailors, I am sure that the Germans are the majority. Must be close to half af the some 150 boats.
Half the island is desert. The rest is green. There are few cars, many bicycles and walking people. We met a man who told us he had lived on the island for 25 years, now he was “firs” – Danish for eighty. – He preferred to walk on the  trails – off from the roads. On the roads he felt there was too much traffic... Of course some bicycles and maybe a tractor. I guess his perspective of traffic had been modified over the years.
We walked the 3 kilometers to Anholt town and bought some delicious strawberries. That was yesterday.