Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 7 Sep 2018 02:23
It is blowing from the south west. A low passes slowly, very slowly south of Tahiti. So we wait in the marina. It is not bad at all, but we are a little impatient now. After having stayed in Papeete too long we have also begun to like the city (town). People are very nice, helpful and smiling here. The shops are plenty, the capuccinos are good, there is a lot of street art, the marina is good. And the marina is almost full all the time. Almost half of the boats are big catanarans.
The marina is popular, and there is no reason to flee Papeete as soon as possible, like many sailing books try to convince you to do.
Even so we look forward to leave now. Maybe the low dissolves on Saturday. If so, we shall sail to Moorea, Opuna Bay. That is one of the loveliest anchorages we have set the hook. According to the forecast, the easterly trade wind will fill in on Monday, and that will bring us to BoraBora before noon Wednesday.
BoraBora is a must see. Beside Tahiti this is the most wellknown island in French Polynesia, maybe in the entire Southern Pacific. It has been called the prettiest island in the world, but we know that is highly developed and touristic. Anyhow we want to see it, and it is a good starting point for our sailing to Niue and Vavau in Tonga.
The sun is lower in the sky than when I sat down, the time has passed 4 pm. I have emptied my capuccino long ago. The wi-fi is too slow to upload my youtube video. White wine in the cockpit in an hour. I had better move on. The sun sets around 6 pm, and before 9 pm we will be in bed. Sailor’s midnight, you know, is 9 pm.
Life is good.