18:42.6N 28:48.8W Fish for dinner

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 1 Dec 2008 17:26
Another beautiful day at sea.
In Las Palmas Eva insisted on new fishing equipment. And we bought some
nicelooking squids with nice feathers. (Didn't know they had feathers?) We
attached the new lure to the old line, inherited from my father. After a
couple of hours we had a fish. And what a fish, a dophin fish. Knowing
nothing about the fishes here we had to look first in one book to identify
it. Then in another to verify that it is regarded a delicatesse.

After a short struggle it more or less surfed to the boat while I drew the
line. Getting it on board was team work. 80 cm long. Not the biggest among
these fishes, but more than enough for dinner for a couple of days. After
getting it on board the coulor changed first from golden to blue, thereafter
to black, and back to golden again.

We have no freezer, so we did not let the line out again.

We sail slowly on towards the Caribbean. Tomorrow we will reach the 18th
parallel, and longitude 30. From there on we will go into the great circle
route. We go that far south to try to avoid squalls that are more frequent
further north.

We compared positions with boats we know last night. We were somewhere in
the middle. That was inspiering. Even "Las Primas" was only a few miles
ahead of us. But "Madonna"... I'll like to hear their story when we meet
again in StLucia.

Now, time for e-mail before dinner, just before dark.