Rodney bay

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 1 Mar 2009 22:49
It is Sunday, and we are still in Rodney bay. Tomorrow we will go to
Martinique, Grand Anse d'Arlet. We have stocked up food and necessities. We
are a littel bit low on fuel for the outboard, but cannot be helped here. We
tried to get som gasoline today, but all gas stations are on strike from
yesterday here in St.Lucia...

It is good to be back in Rodney bay. A stroll along the marina revieled that
there are still several ARC boats left. Many of them looked deserted. Some
of the owners probably had gone home for a while.

We met a Norwegian family with three small kids here today. They came down
from Martinique. They had also been in the Caribbean 6 years ago, and they
asured us that the weather this year is very different. 6 years ago they
never checked the weather report. Now they do it every day and always wait
for a weatherwindow. Last time they had sailed to the Caribbean. This time
they had bought the boat in Tortola and sold it in St.Vincent where they
were to deliver it in April.

No wander we enjoyed the the sunset and the evening yesterday. It was just
this gentle breeze, maybe 6 - 8 knots. A new moon, only two days old,
showed, not far from a bright Venus, in the west sky. Sailboats all around.
The bay was almost crowded. Must have been at least twice as many boats as
last time we were here.

We heard French spoken in many boats. Lots of people from Martinique
obviously took the opportunity of the week end to go shopping here. And we
read some news where a representative of St.Lucia said that the economy here
is blooming because of the three week old general strike in Martinique.

It could have been a calm, almost silent and romantic night. But somone felt
that they needed to fill the void. The music from the restaurant was in the
air. Not few decibels. And it wasn't really a romatic sound. But it was a
lot better than the tecno music we had one night in Ibiza. So we do not
complain, and we had no problems going to sleep when the time came.