Santa Cruz

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 7 Apr 2018 14:03
Yesterday we celebrated Eva's birthday. 62 years. This morning she left by watertaxi to run some few kilometers on a nice pathway. The way we yesterday was by cleaning the boat. (But we went ashore and had a cup of coffee, a small tiramisu also.)
Yesterday we also wished Birgitte and Olav on "Alutia" fair winds. They sail today for Marquesas. We shall try to keep radio contact with them, and hopefully we shall meet somewhere in French Polynesia.
Two days ago we went the same pathway that Eva ran this morning, and came to Tortuga Beach. We saw no tortoises but we saw several marine iguanas. And both the walk and the beach was very good. The sun is in the zenith at noon, but a light breeze made it tolerable. Our Tilly hats almost provided shade for the whole body in the middle of the day!
Puerto Ayora is crowded with tourists, and more hectic than Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal. We anchored where there is best shelter for the swell that continuously come into the anchorage, but it has the downside that watertaxis and tourist boats pass "Tatt av vinden" at great speed and cause heavy wakes all the time. So the anchorage is not very charming, but around sunset a glass of white wine still tastes good.
Our friends in "HarryZ" is more than halfway to Marquesas. "Jovial", also Norwegian, is well on its way, it passed Santa Cruz a few days ago. Still we are four Norwegian boats here at the anchorage, "C'est si bon", "Kea", "Alutia" and "Tatt av vinden". We also met Lisbeth and Henrik on the Danish boat "Xenia". They leave for French Polynesia on Wednesday.
Tomorrow Anne Sofie shall come and join us for four months, all the way to Tahiti.
Some days ago we visited Torvald Kastdalen, who is third generation here here on the island with Norwegian roots. And Eva will write about the later.

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