Holandes Cays - Banedup

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 18 Jan 2015 17:21
Anchored among the palm island, well behind the outer reef, life is pleasant - really peasant. There are some 7 - 8 boats at anchor here. Two of them left Santa Marta the same time as we did, and we kept vhf contact with one of them ("Mezzaluna" - US boat) while we were crossing. Yesterday we had a gathering in our cockpit for a sundowner or two. It is always interesting to meet different people. And sailors have a variety of backgrounds.
Without the Eric Bauhaus guide we would have been pretty helpless here. Other maps are not for navigation in this area! And a great thank to those who put the maps into a format for open cpn. It was great to have the computer in the cockpit and follow the boats movements in real time! Bauhaus is not very happy with it. That is something we understand, but we bought his guide, so we do not feel we are doing something unethic to have an electronic copy. The guide was difficult to get, we had to get it from a shop in the US, and cost us more than 100 US before it arrived in Oslo. But it is well worth it. By January this year edition number 5 is to come. (We use edition 4.)
We explored Banedup yesterday. Today we shall explore another island. It looks inhabited, it is called Tiadup.

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