Preparations take time

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 18 Nov 2013 17:24
When we arrived here, we thought that 3 weeks was plenty of time. Today there are only a few days left, and still lots of things to do. Everything takes three times the estimated time. It allways have, that’s nothing new, and we never learn. That is no news either. But of course, we shall be on the line (or a little bit behind) when the gun fires.
Yesterday was the big parade. (There are some pictures under the picture tab.) Today it is back to work. The first half of the day we went to Carrefour for shopping. Naturally we had to ask them to deliver, as we just bicycled there. Bjørn has started the rig check. It is probably all right because Ed at Southern cross spars checked it before we left Blommenholm. But the way from Oslo to Las Palmas is the same distance as across the Atlantic, so it is better to have a look, and Jerry the Rigger hold a very instructive seminar on what to look for, and to keep looking every day.
The log has to be changed. That’s for tomorrow. We brought the new instrument with us, knowing that what is in stock in Moss or Oslo, you often have to order in advance other places in the world. There is also the topping up of diesel and change of oil in the engine to be done. And for the first time Bjørn has given in for the watermaker. Mactra has promised to get in contact, and what more: Be sure that it works. We shall also need help from the experts to get the SSB sending our e-mails.
Eva runs back and forth to the “Lavanderia”. The biggest challenge is to get hold of enough coins, especially the 50 cents for the drying tumbler.
While I was writing, Cerrefour came with the catch from this morning. That is all the stuff we bought there. Now Eva is making up the system to stow away the dry food, the tins and the wine, and just as important: How to refind it when we need it.
This probably shows what mode we are in. It is nice to see that it is the same all over the pontun, in all the other boats. I guess we are more of less all in the same mood now.