What happens next?

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 2 Sep 2018 23:04
We are still in Marina de Papeete. Tomorrow morning we shall go to Techni Marine, a yard close by, to have the rudder bearings changed and get a new layer of antifouling. On Friday we shall be back in the marina, do some last preparations and provisioning. The weather forcast seem ok for Sunday or Monday for sailing to BoraBora, which will be our next aim. To BoraBora there is about 150 nm miles to cover, and an early start in the day of departure will bring us to BoraBora in broad daylight the next day.
We shall stay in this Island of dreams (very touristic they say, and some even call it BoringBora) some few days. When the weather forcast is promising, we shall sail to Niue, maybe make a stopover in Palmerston. From BoraBora to Niue is 1040 nm, probably it will take us 8 days. Palmerston lies just on the direct route, so we shall see. Niue is one of the smallest countries in the world, but closly associated with New Zealand.
After a stay in Niue, we next sail to Vavau group in the Kingdom of Tonga. By the end of October we shall head from Tongatapu (south in Tonga) for Wangarei in New Zealand. There we shall leave “Tatt av vinden” on the hard for some months.
These are our plans now. The proportion of days staying at anchor to the days under sail is less than we would like it to be, but in November the hurricane season starts in tropical South Pacific, and by then we need to be out of this paradise.