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Date: 19 May 2009 15:48:00
Title: 30:22.0N 46:57.0W - Tatt av vinden 1200 UTC 190509

Position:30:22.0N 46:57.0W - Tatt av vinden 1200 UTC 190509
COG/SOG/Motor: 57/ 4,5/ 22 h last 24 hours
Wind last two hours: variable because of showers. Out of showers 0 - 8 kn
mainly SE.
Squalls/max wind: No squalls last two hours. Max wind 10 kn. Heavy showers.
Lightning. Now sunshine.
Pressure: 1018 mb.
Clouds: Cumulus, higher:
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: Lots of thunderstorms first part of the last
night. The second part was more calm. Light winds. Heqavu showers in the
Waveheight: 1,5m swell from SE
GC distance to Horta: 1029 nm. GC course to Horta: 57 degrees
Sailed last 24 hours: 120 nm
Life on board: Still good. Still sailing with "Yr" She is 2,5 nM behind us.
We heard "Ruffen" talking on vhf yesterday too, but we still have not been
able to make contact.

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