Ayia Npa

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 21 Sep 2023 17:45

Thursday 21st Sept.


Fitted the old elbow back on the engine, spent most of the morning bleeding the fuel and eventually it started! However it was spewing oil out of a nozzle hidden under the heat exchanger that I only managed to spot by taking photos with the phone. Very annoying as I had just cleaned out the tray for the umpteenth time. The nozzle was connected to a small plastic pipe leading to an oil pressure guage- something the mechanic in Darwin fitted I recall. I couldn’t see how the pipe could possibly be securely connected so left it off and blocked the hole with a ptfe wrapped bolt. This after I had taken off the wrong nut and lost a small grub screw (in the bilge?) that I also had to improvise a replacement for.  Tightened up several leaky gaskets and re-fastened the heat exchange tube as 1st run resulted in lost fresh water.  3rd run of the engine and could spot any leaks and the water seems to have stayed in the engine so feeling that could be a big step  forward.  The windlass however hasn’t responded to different wiring configurations. I have had some response from the manufacturer so hoping they can help me. I do have an electrician coming in the morning to look at the shore power situation. Not sure if he will know about windlass wiring  but will ask.


Day 4 of the ultimate cleansing fast and still not suffering hunger pangs or fainting. I didn’t believe the book when it promised no hunger or loss of energy but so far it has been right. Cycled to the nearby small  Thekla supermarket and bought more lemons and honey to take me through the next 4 days. I don’t have the ingredients for parasite and plaque removal but I’ll persevere as I feel it must  be doing some good.  Being solo on the boat is about the only situation that I could envisage managing it.