position S08 25.200 W121 36.600

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 6 Sep 2017 19:22

Wednesday 6th September. 138 miles for 24 hrs.
A strenuous and dirty afternoon removing the starter motor, squirting oil into it, loosing a couple of nuts in the oily sump, not finding the nuts untill this morning, then when all back together turning over the engine and- starter motor turning but engine not. While I was buried in engine late yesterday afternoon the wind had got up and Diana was having to help the Aries to stop her rounding up into the wind. That results in all sorts of mayhem with wild wind and more roll which makes engine work even more difficult. There may be an issue with the rudder as it is very stiff at extreme starboard turn preventing the Aries from correcting more efficiently. I had forgotten meanwhile the fishing line was out and just as I was despairing of finding my nuts, Diana said there is a fish on the line. All thoughts of engine abandoned and sure enough I hauled in the line with a magnificent 3ft long wahoo.  I feel very self satisfied-like my ocean fishing virginity is finally lost. A knife into the brain through the gills put an end to its struggles and after tidying up below I sliced a couple of fillets off the tail for a delicous late supper.  Later the blood spattered stern of the boat looked like a terrible crime had been committed which I suppose it had. I took off enough fillets this morning to make sure we will be sick of wahoo over the next few days and consiged the remains to the sea.

As an aside to  the main story while cleaning up the little lizard that I presumed gassed by the fumigation for the Galapagos was found on the aft cockpit seat still very much alive. Unfortunately I acciidently brushed it and its tail fell off, wriggling vigorously for a full 2 minutes after detachment.