position S24 33.000 E166 56.800

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 7 May 2019 05:20

Tuesday 7th May  200 miles to New Caledonia

The positive thing is that we have got all our breakages over and done with in the 1st week.  Those who know the chequered history of our journey will cast doubt on that statement but I prefer to stay positive. I also broke the boat hook that we inherited with the boat while trying to retrieve the sail.
That makes: 1 back stay, 1 guard rail, 1 spinnaker pole,  1 forestay and one boathook. Not bad for a weeks work.
The wind had dropped this morning to a more manageable 15-20kn so we put the engine on and have been plowing on towards NC with renewed hope of getting there before the diesel runs out or Diana goes insane with the noise.

We have been accompanied all day today by a flock of Petrels -about 50 of them circling and occasionally alighting on the water to see if we have discarded anything tasty.

Norfolk Pines on Norfolk Island
Sail in the wrong place.