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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 19 May 2019 19:26

Sunday 19th May

Nice relaxing day in Maa bay. I improved my temporary repair of the broken guard wire and puzzled over my electric issues. Monitoring the voltage drop I now think the engine  battery is more likely to be on its last legs- It doesn't keep its charge but follows the decline of the house batteries even though the isolation switch is off.  At least its a less expensive replacement but it should really last longer. I think I last replaced it in Trinidad and it has had a few attempts at starving it of juice.
We had a couple of trips to the nice sandy beach near the point where there is good snorkling and  one can walk out to a little island at low tide taking care to avoid treading on the sea slugs which are everywhere. They can't be good eating or they wouldnt be so abundent. The sea gulls took to the air above the island in numbers to object to my visit-presumably it must be a nesting site.

These little fellows are intruiging-the empty shells have lovely star patterns.

This chap only posed patiently because he was deceased.

Diana found this pretty blue starfish just below the surface.

A type of anenome? looking like a lucious pair of lips.