position 29:02.0N 33:07.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 6 Mar 2023 13:01
We were treated to a following southerly wind for most of the day yesterday and thinking that the Red Sea was finally releasing us from its grip, felt we were within touching distance of Suez. But what is given by the Red Sea with one hand is snatched back with the other. From 15kn behind in the evening to 30kn against took a few short minutes. I dropped the sails before the sea turned ugly, following the winds example and after trying to motor into the waves for 1/2hr or so and getting no where I turned off the engine and let the boat lie a hull having read that can be a useful storm tactic. We had plenty of sea room having chosen a route close to the central ship separation zone and we then drifted at around 0.5-1kn back to the south-east. The boat sat across the wind and rode the waves with less roll than expected. It wasn't a gentle ride but not too uncomfortable so we took to our bunks and waited for the wind to abate. The storm wasn't on my forecast and I thought would
be short lived, reverting to the 6-10kn expected.
When it was still blowing 30kn in the morning light and we were running out of water we decided to retreat south and find an anchorage at Ras Abu Zenima. It is one of those recommended by the agent and was around 4m further south from where we had drifted. It is in a shallow bay near a large town and was relatively easy to follow the cruising guides directions.
Unfortunately our 1st anchor position dragged while we enjoyed a cooked breakfast and then re-set some 1/4m further out. It is holding but I now have a problem with the windlass which is no longer working.

I spotted then that the solar panels were not producing power and after checking connections found that a thick layer of dessert dust on the panel was preventing and sun from getting through. Cleaning restored power but didn't get the windlass going and since then I have been hunting fuses and loose connections to try and find the fault.
The wind is still around 20kn and not forecast to lessen much until at least Wednesday so I probably have time for plenty more investigations. I will report further on any progress.