wild goose chase

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 31 Jan 2017 01:20
Bit of a frustrating day trying to find the cheaper swinging moorings further up the coast in Salinas centre. About 5 miles away so decided to take the bike but made a wrong turn (omitted a right turn) so ended up on the wrong coast and probably did about 25 miles in the end. The yacht club in Salinas weren't very helpful but did take my email and said someone would contact me tomorrow. I have already emailed the contact given on the web but no reply as yet. The moorings do look quite full. They wouldn't be so secure as Puerto Lucia but much less stressful for the ropes, cleats etc. The surge in the harbour here hasn't diminished as yet.

Salinas is a tourist resort- sort of like Brighton but without the piers and with single storey development behind the high rise develoment along the front. O.K. so not like brighton- more Worthing but quite a few people under 60. No chic shops but lots of Cerviche restaurants- I had a bowl of prawn and fish- very nice too. My detour along the south coast took me past an endless row of shrimp farms with lagoons behind them and occasonal flocks of flamingoes. On the other side of the road an equally endless deserted sandy beach with lots of surf and red flags flying. Further along towards the end of the peninsular the lagoons were producing salt with large white heaps being piled up.

Missed the agent today- I waited around in the morning. Hopefuly she will make an appearance tomorrow. The electrician came and took away two of my failed alternators that I almost ditched.

I think I may have cracked the mooring lines at last. Two long diagonals from sheet winches back to the hard- slacken off the stern lines to the pontoon. Keep the bow lines taught. Quieter and less stress so far. Thank you Mr Servais for all the extra ropes. OOps just had a heavy pull and creak.

I suspect I have been suffering from a touch of gout. Not noticeable during the day but at night a deep seated intermittent pain in the ball of my right foot-sufficent to keep me awake (not that I would have slept anyway with the ropes creaking!). I suspect the boxed red wine bought from Yvonne in Shelter Bay which Dad bought in bulk. Fortuitously I think I may have found an antidote- a good slug of white wine last night kept me pain free. I am repeating the dose tonight just in case (plus the bottle is open and waste is not permitted on board).