position N11 26 800 W 38 35 400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 29 Apr 2015 12:24
12:00 29/04/15 133 miles
Skippersaid leave it up for the night(the spinaker that is) feeling confident after a very nice glass of Fogo wine and fine vegetable curry made by D. - crew however rather dubious.Conditions were benign, moon was bright skipper had 1st watch and all was well with the world. 2nd watch not so good as D had trouble keeping the spinaker filled and had a sticky twist. So down it came with some difficulty as the sock stuck halfway but D managed to grab it as A lowered and W gave encouragement from the cockpit. Stuffed it gleefuly back down in the forecabin. Legacy of the effort was a stuck pole which had somehow slipped in its bracket on the mast and refused to move up or down. Accepting defeat for the night we lashed it where it was and retired -some of us to a stiff rum and the rest to bed. It was an uncomfortable night however as the single sail gave no stability and we rolled and pitched as if it was a different sea in a different place alltogether. In the morning we examined the pole and fiddled it down and off the mast to much relief that a climb up was unneccesary and no apparent damage done. Re-rigging the gennys both poled out on starboard side this time the movement immediately calmed down and we are back to easy sailing (relatively speaking) much to the crews relief.
Skipper may have mutiny on his hands next time he suggests upping the spinaker.