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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 1 Mar 2023 05:37
Wednesday 1st March.

Just been hailed by an Egyptian warship passing to the east wanting to know if we are O.K. and taking our details. Very friendly asking us if we wanted anything. Diana would have like to ask for more bread but fortunately didn't grab the radio to put in a request.

The bilge water issue isn't quite resolved but good news is the aft tank is still full and the water in the bilge is mainly fresh water. So it has come from the forward tank either from a leak in the tank itself or from a connection between tank and pump or between pump and taps or from a sink waste outlet. It is unlikely to be from the tank direct as we had been using the water since Galle and were surprised it hadn't emptied sooner. It doesn't appear to be leaking from the aft tank now so maybe the sink waste but it seemed to be more water than that. So further investigations required but no need to panic about sinking!

Motor sailing over night and this morning in light westerly wind. At least we can set a course direct to Suez and know that we have enough diesel and supplies to reach the canal without the steep waves halting our progress. Forecast is for much of the same for the next few days. The fish for supper yesterday was delicious.