position N12 25 560 W70 46 160

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 28 Feb 2016 02:51
Saturday 28th Feb. Santa Marta.

Approaching the coast after my last entry the wind acceleration took the wind back up over 30 Knots with breaking waves giving a couple more soakings in the cockpit. I took the spinaker pole down and put out half the jib on port tack but we were still surfing down the waves at up to 10 Knots. I took over the steering from the Aries and had an exciting hour working the waves untill finally the sea calmed as we found some shelter in the bay approaching Santa Marta. Speaking to others in the marina it appears we got off relatively lightly as winds over 50 Knots are not unusual at this time of year.

The marina here is modern, secure, comfortable and with nice wide finger pontoons which are much preferred to any other types. It is reasonably priced and after a walk around town we thought this could make a useful stop for a month or two while we return home to replenish the coffers.

Santa Marta has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere -the oldest surviving city in Columbia it has a lot of new high rise modern development but the old town is delightful and eating out last night we were treated to some great street music in the lively pedestrianised streets. The marina staff couldn't be more helpful and there are a few long stay residents who have offered to keep an eye on the boat while they are around.

One of the poular tourist activities here is a trek to a lost city in the Sierra Nevada. No longer lost of course but quite a challenging hike according to all reports. Diana was dubious having experience of these things but we have the time if not pushing further with the boat and so against her better judgement we have booked a five day trek and will set off in the morning. Hence no contact likely untill (or if!) we return on thursday eve. We have booked flights home for sunday via Bogota.