Ayia Napa

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 19 Sep 2023 19:58

Monday 18th September


I was thinking I should start again with the wiring for the alternator but having re-checked the wires from the starter switch and found spaghetti junction with no way of tracing the connections I got cold feet. The hopeless UPS delivery service

eventually phoned after it had been sitting in their office for nearly a week to ask for extortionate  import duty on the new elbow. Having agreed to the blackmail they promised to send it to Paralimni on Tuesday (which involves driving past the marina) so that it could be sent back to the marina on Wednesday.  I should have used Fedex who were quite a bit more expensive but stated no extra import costs and so would have been cheaper.  I have been holding back a test run on the engine for the new elbow and the alternator wiring can wait as well.


So reverted to a job I felt confident with- stripping peeling varnish off the hatch fly screens and re-placing the broken or stiff hinges.   


Took the car back to the hire kiosk and found a decent little diy shop in AN. Probably the only non tourist shop in the town.   Bought ptfe tape and some Teak oil for the hatch screens. Not so shiny but hopefully not peely either.


I also called at the Hypermarket in Paralimni and bought lemons and honey having decided to give the Prostate health cleansing fast a go as a concession to putting off the biopsy till November. Nothing to eat or drink but lemon juice and honey (should be maple syrup but couldn’t find that) for eight days sounds grim -I have low expectations of completing the course.