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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 3 Mar 2023 05:24
Friday 3rd March

Motoring since yesterday afternoon with no wind and flat sea. Means better progress following a straight line but the noise keeps the mate from sleeping well. She is conflicted but on the whole favours progress over silence.
I have put 5 of the reserve diesel cans from Langkawi in the tank lifting from 1/4 full to 3/4. I have kept 2 in reserve for the canal, although the agent says we will be able to get fuel in the lake and one can should be sufficient. I am not sure how much there is below 1/4 as I have never been lower but I know that 3/4 is actually pretty near full.

Otherwise we are thinking about the next port after leaving the canal. I had earmarked Cyprus, -so far Aya Napa looks cheapest, but as the cruising guide mentions some Israeli marinas we are interested to find out more and I hadn't researched them previously. Esme is looking at Noonsite for us and reporting back. They may be prohibitively expensive.

Last fish supper last night. Barracuda Goujons which were very nice indeed. The line is out again.