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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 29 Oct 2015 11:55

 Thursday 29th Oct

Yesterday we left Grande Rivierre after a swim and the last of the granola-with banana & grapes. Just enough easterly breeze to fill the spinaker so made fair progress along the north coast of Trinidad.  A small pod of dolphin -two with very ragged fins - came to say hello just as the wind dropped to nothing. I thought I would see what they would do if I joined them in the water-Dad thought they would probably butt me somewhere painful. I saw a nose looking up at me out of the rather murky depths but swimming with humans was evidently not high on the list of dolphin experiences and they
pushed off. Soon after we saw a feeding frenzy with terns and pelicans diving while a couple of Frigate birds tried to steal any catch. The Figates look well capable of diving for their own fish but seem to prefer to maintain bullying tactics.

We eventully drifted into La Vache bay at about 6pm just in time for a beer. This was a deserted bay with no discernable beaches (the guide recommended anchoring off the northern of two beaches but the rocky shore line certainly didn't match our previous experiences of golden sandy beaches. I am claiming an Osprey sighting as we anchored. The gas had run out again-this time no back up so the Cob came into service and I made a dubious stew of anything left in the stores.

Breakfast this morning was left over avocado & bean salad and we are now motoring in nil wind towards Chagaramas and our final destination for this leg. My list of jobs has grown -nothing major but numerous little things- I am hoping that whichever boat yard we choose will give us a good rate for moorings and for work.