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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 14 Oct 2018 06:20
Sunday 14 Oct. Nuku Alofa
Arrived at the busy Pangaimoto anchorage Nuku Alofa, Tonga Tapu at 5.30pm. Well timed for daylight and to beat the late rush for places.
The wind came round southwesterly as forecast and increased in the afternoon to around 20Kn giving a lively beat down from the Ha'apais. We have been well entertained with whale sightings on route, none very close up but lots of activity. One in particular gave us the full range of head slaps, belly and back flops, dorsal fin whacks and tail waves. There was good  book on Humpbacks in the Lodge on Foa and the reason for the extravagent behaviour is speculated only- The males can be agressive when mating and have been seen slapping other males to get to a pretty female. Now the youngsters may be practising their fighting techniques for next season. They do have parasite problems and may use slapping to dislodge them. They also have some predators- Orcas particularly can take a calf, and they may be practising defence techniques. You have to be quick to catch one on camera- but once they get going you know where to point.

 Back flop.

We also had a dolphin visit yesterday afternoon- quite cute playing round the bow however they have to take 2nd billing when the whales are in town.

Dinghy problem not solved. No reports of escaped inflateables and no sightings on route. We may be able tie up against the warf here and then replace it when we get to NZ.