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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 14 Jan 2017 13:29
Back on board in Bahia Solano .

Alls well on board- Francisco took me over to the boat yesterday afternoon having first stopped in the caro to say hello to Jorge mechanico. I paid Francisco for security -I think he had been looking after the boat quite dilgently -one of the fender covers is shredded so looks like he was tied up against the side quite a bit. No sign of anyone inside though. I had to break in as I can't find the key -it is quite easy to do so I shall improve the locks at some point.

Quite a lot of white mould showing on the woodwork -I have been round with the vinegar. New water pump working O.K so water back on the taps. The satellite box arrives on sunday and I am waiting for Jorge with the engine. Outboard started reluctantly and stopped- I will try it again in a minute.

The last flight yesterday was in an even smaller airplane. They issued earplugs to all 10 passengers. I think it was an extra flight because the Bogota-Medallin flight was delayed due to technical issues with the plane.

Rather scary taxi ride yesterday morning from the Hotel back to the airport- the speed would have been slightly disconcerting with an able bodied driver but this one had no hands! No disabled sticker and not automatic either. He was able to work everying including the phone which he used continuesly- laughing wildly at his colleagues jokes. My luggage was on the back seat as he could open the boot so I was in the front-I guess most of his passengers dont notice the lack of fingers.

Good news is that wind is blowing into the bay-bodes well for onward sailing.