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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 25 Sep 2017 16:27
 Monday 24th September. Ua Pou
A quiet sunday- motored round the coast to Hakahau in the morning, anchored 2 times as the space was restricted with 2 other yachts already at anchor and the nice sheltered spot behind the harbour wall taken up.  Then one of the yachts left and I moved into his spot, only for a catermeran to appear and ask us to move as his bouyed stern anchor was set just behind us.  I swam ashore for  a recky- everything shut as we expected but another very ordered flowery and pleasant village. A family picnicing on the beach offered me some of their goat curry -mum is sister of Henri who owns the cafe on the pier in Taiohai (everyone seems to be related here).  A large supply boat arrived soon after us and was busy offloading supplies all afternoon and still this morning. The couple on the catermeran feeling a bit guilty perhaps invited us aboard for a drink as we rowed past. They are french and she is teaching spanish at the school here on a 4 year contract. She took the job as it pays twice as much as teaching in France and she has to pay to put her son through university. The money for administration all comes from France- it is surprising that they need to pay so highly to pursuade people to come and live in paradise (albeit with no-no's). I suppose there are cultural deprivations to compensate but you would think teachers would be fighting over the jobs.  Apparently the girls study hard but the boys are always off fishing or hunting.
They bought the boat in Tahiti and made the uphill journey to Marquesas which they say was tough going.  

Off to find the Gendarmerie.