position N01 23.500 W79 16.800

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 24 Jan 2017 14:44
Tuesday 24th Jan
The wind came round to slightly north of west around midday yesterday and held nicely for the rest of the day yielding the course. It backed gradually overnight again so OR was heading east to shore this morning and when it started raining at 6.30 I put the engine on and motor sailed just off course. With about 40miles to go to Esmeraldas I thought I had a choice to either push on with motor and get in to port before dark or sail slowly and aim to arrive at dawn, thus saving fuel and a nights mooring fee. Unfortunately the little bit of wind is wandering about under cloud cover so after a couple of attempts and tacking through 180 degrees I have reverted to plan A and motor is back on. Maybe the wind will settle again later.

I have probably broken the new alternator. Reading Mr Carr's lengthy chapter on alternators again (Boatwners Mechanical and Electrical Handbook) I think I should have wired the starter terminal to a light rather than a switch. I am sure there must have been a cable from the ignition to the alternator before but there are so many wires coming from the cockpit instruments that it is impossible to trace a wire anywhere let alone to the alternator. The one wire that was previously connected doesn't appear to work. Looks like professional help required again. By the time we get back round to the beginning I should know everything there is to know but will probably have forgotten most of it.

More sanding done on the woodwork to the forward companionway which was previously in need of sprucing up but also took a couple knocks when the engine came out and back in. There is a lot of it (woodwork) and some electro-mechanical assistance may be required to finish the job.