position 11:45.0N 45:55.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 11 Feb 2023 04:42
Sat 11th Feb 138m

The birthday wind arrived eventually as promised just a bit late but 20kn overnight on the stern so plenty of speed and some concern that the PS would cope O.K. Once it performed a 360 degree twist as the aries didn't correct quickly enough for a slew to the south. The upper part then filled, effectively reefing the sail and still giving 6kn speed. I was tempted to leave it but it might have chafed so I had to snuff it in order to free the twist. I transferred responsibility for steering to the electric autohelm but that over-steers down the waves resulting in a very uncomfortable rolling motion. Aries got the job back and with better adjustment has been doing fine since. Not much sleep for either of us however. Now doing 6kn with 10 on the wind indicator.